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Musical Movements For Music Boxes

We offer a range of traditional musical movements (the playing mechanism fitted in to music boxes). These musical box mechanisms are ideal for the hobbyist who wishes to make musical boxes, and we also have music box movements that are suitable for the professional  musical box maker who needs a high quality movement for a very special project.

The clockwork musical movement is normally wound via a " T " key, this is usually on the underside of the mechanism.The musical box movements are made of metal or brass, depending on which you choose. Although often the smaller inexpensive movements will also contain nylon and plastic components. The music box movement  combs (this is the part which makes the sound) are made from a specially hardened steel to give the correct tone.

For details of movement optional extras Click Here

Hand Cranked Musical Movement MM12
These hand cranked movements are great fun

High Quality Orpheus Two Tune 50 Note Music Box Movement In Gold Colour.
20 Note Paper Strip Musical Movement MM11
A Hand Cranked Musical Movement played by punched paper.
Strips For MM11
Extra Paper Strips
For Musical Movement MM11
Pack of 5 Extra Blank Strips For MM11.
Swiss 18 note
Musical Box Movement MM4
1 tune 18 note
Swiss music box movement.
Pull String
Music Box Movement MM13
1 tune 18 note pull string music box movement.
Swiss 22 Note
Musical Movement MM8
1 tune 22 note Swiss music box movement.
Gueissaz - Jaccard Swiss Musical Movement MM14
1 tune 18 note Swiss music box movement.
Swiss 36 Note
Musical Movement MM6
A Swiss made 'Romance' movement from Reuge.
30 Note Music Box Movement MM5
1 tune 30 note clockwork music box movement.
18 Note Music Box Movement MM1
1 tune 18 note clockwork music box movement.
Ballerina Revolving Doll Movement 1/18BAL
Musical movement with ballerina doll 18 note.

18 Note Music Box Movement MM1A
1 tune 18 note clockwork music box movement.
18 Note Music Box Movement MM2
1 tune 18 note clockwork music box movement.
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