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Associated Products

With our involvement in organs, mechanical musical instruments, music boxes and the music industry, we are often asked for associated products such as fairground organ cds, 110 volt light bulbs suitable for use with organs and steam traction engines and many more associated items, you will find such products listed here.
Mechanical music CDs
Music boxes and Fairground Organ Compact Discs (CDs), Click Here To View

Here you will find a range of CDs and cassette tapes of various fairground and street organs, as well as music boxes and other types of mechanical musical instruments. An ideal music gift or stocking filler.
Reuge Book
Reuge Book Catalogue   CMBRB
This quality hardback book shows the Reuge product range

110 Volt Maxim Lamps

We stock a range of 110 volt 25w BC GLS low voltage light bulbs suitable for use with organs and traction engines.

25w Maxim Pearl Bulb                 

25w Maxim Red Bulb                    

25w Maxim Yellow Bulb   
25w Maxim Amber (Orange)   
25w Maxim Blue Bulb                   

25w Maxim Green Bulb   

Click Here To Buy Bulbs Online           

Please advise in advance if you are collecting in person, so that we can arrange to have your order packed ready for collection from" The Music Box Shop".
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