For Sale
We have had a batch of pre owned 46 / 48 key cardboard music books brought in for sale.

This music is in very good order and will offer a great saving over new; the music books are available as a complete lot or as individual books. Please see the list below for titles.

(Please note these books are cut for key not keyless)

Household Brigade                                                                    £60.00
March Past Of The Rifle Regiment                                         £70.00
Tennessee Waltz                                                                        £40.00
Airborne March                                                                          £76.00
Silver Reign March                                                                    £85.00
Velvet Glove                                                                               £60.00
Washington Post & Piccolo Solo (both on one book)              £180.00   
Contact:-  Richard Dean  01275 834474
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